About us


This is delivering a project funded through Defra's Innovative Resilience Programme. The purpose is to make Cornwall's sandy beach dune systems sustainable by 'Making Space for Sand'. It is run by Cornwall Council, in partnership with the University of Plymouth, Plymouth Coastal Observatory, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, the Environment Agency and Natural England.

What we are doing

We are taking a long hard look at the state of Cornwall's coastal sand dune systems. 
  • We will be analysing information from the past and present and using cutting-edge models to predict the future of the dunes, especially in relation to climate change and sea level rise.
  • We will produce a 'State of the Dunes' report for Cornwall.
  • We will work closely with communities to decide what actions need to be taken.
  • We will help those communities to prepare Coastal Change Management Plans.

How to take part

We will shortly be launching a dedicated online portal for the project on the 'Lets Talk Cornwall' website. This will allow you to follow the project's progress, access information and register to take part in discussions about your local coastal sand dunes.