10. Poldhu Cove

Poldhu Cove is an east facing beach on the western side of the Lizard Peninsula.

The beach slopes fairly steeply to the sea but there is a sand ridge, or natural berm, around the high tide line that presently inhibits the course of the river so that it flows southward across the beach to the southern cliffs and to the sea.

The sand is medium-grained and quite soft with shelly material and light in colour.

 The land is low-lying landward of the road and sandy in the car park area.

 The stream has a lot of vegetation downstream of the dunes and is reedy upstream.

 Vertical sea walls define both sides of the beach against slate rock faces The dunes are small, low and fragile.

Walkover report and photos of 17 November 2021

DW10_Poldhu Cove_2021-11-17.pdf

Erosion. Risks to local transport routes.
Potential Actions
Develop better understanding of magnitude of future coastal change and dune migration.
Community Groups
None identified
Key Stakeholders

National Trust
CCMA potential

Shoreline Management Plan
SMP Management Area: MA16
SMP Policy Unit: PU16.3
SMP Policies:
  • Present - No Active Intervention
  • Transition - No Active Intervention
  • Target - No Active Intervention
Link to SMP Chapter 4 assessment for Management Area 16

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