13. Marazion

Marazion is on the eastern side of Mount’s Bay and the beach faces south and southwest.

 The beach sand is coarse and gritty above the strandline with very little shell content. Around the strandline there are localised patches of armouring by rounded pebbles. Below the strandline the sand is finer, but still with few shelly fragments.

 The dunes are severely squeezed between the beach and the road. To the west the dunes terminate where a vertical sea wall begins. East of the Marazion Stream the dunes are heavily eroded in front of the car park. The river appears to have recently changed course to the west.

 The dune crest alongside the road contains a lot of bramble and other scrub vegetation.

Walkover report and photos of 23 November 2021


Coastal squeeze.
Potential Actions
Implement 2019 Beach Dune Management Plan Actions. Subject of ongoing wider Mount’s Bay Shoreline Strategy. 

Potential for beach nourishment or other methods to encourage seaward growth of the dunes.

Community Groups
Mounts Bay Marine Group
Key Stakeholders

  • St Auben Estates
  • Natural England
CCMA potential

Shoreline Management Plan
SMP Management Area: MA19
SMP Policy Unit: PU19.5
SMP Policies:
  • Present - Hold The Line
  • Transition - Managed Realignment
  • Target - Managed Realignment
Link to SMP Chapter 4 assessment for Management Area 19

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