15. Porthmeor

Porthmeor is located on the western side of St Ives and is separated from beaches to the east by a rocky hill known as “The Island” and urban development on an isthmus to The Island.

This north-facing beach is backed by rocky cliff and vertical sea wall to the west and buildings at beach level to the east. There are some signs of cliff erosion on The Island.

The sand is coarse and predominately made up of shell fragments.

At the western end where the cliff is exposed there is a small stream that has formed from minewater discharge from two small adits.

There are no signs of dunes or dune vegetation, though there is potential for dunes to develop at the eastern end if the sand is not too mobile.

Porthmeor Beach is highly constrained by the built environment. The beach is continually trying to accrete and build sand dunes connecting with Porthminster Beach.

Walkover report and photos of 23 November 2021


Coastal community and infrastructure threatened by sea level rise. Sand movement/ coastal evolution creates a liability issue.
Potential Actions
Development of Community Resilience Plan.
Community Groups
St Ives Bay Marine Group
Key Stakeholders

Cornwall Council
CCMA potential
Potential (St Ives)

Shoreline Management Plan
SMP Management Area: MA25
SMP Policy Unit: PU25.2
SMP Policies:
  • Present - Hold The Line
  • Transition - Hold The Line
  • Target - Hold The Line
Link to SMP Chapter 4 assessment for Management Area 25

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