29. Treyarnon Bay

Situated on the north coast between Newquay and Padstow.
Trevarnon Bay hosts a northwest facing beach.

The beach is wide and gently sloping.

The sand dunes are restricted and in very poor condition. There is a short active face and restricted vegetated dune.

The sand is coarse.

The Treyarnon Stream flows onto the beach. Some reed growth by the stream may help sand stabilisation.

There have been some come cliff repairs to shore up road on right hand side (northeast) and there is evidence of rock instability.

On the left hand side (south west) residential development on the cliffs is at risk of erosion.

Walkover report and photos of 8 March 2022

DW29_Treyarnon Bay_2022-03-08.pdf

Closed system/sediment starvation. Poor ecological condition. Coastal squeeze. Recreational pressure. Poor interpretation.
Potential Actions
Development of Beach/Dune Management Plan. Landowner engagement.
Community Groups
Beach Guardians
Key Stakeholders

Cornwall Council
CCMA potential
Shoreline Management Plan
SMP Management Area: MA33
SMP Policy Unit: PU33.7
SMP Policies:
  • Present - No Active Intervention
  • Transition - No Active Intervention
  • Target - No Active Intervention
Link to SMP Chapter 4 assessment for Management Area 33

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