34. Rock Dunes

Situated on the right bank (east) of the Camel Estuary opposite Padstow, on the north coast.

Rock Dunes back a westward facing beach on the Camel Estuary and has suffered from a lot of erosion over recent years.

The active face is in very poor condition with signs of recent erosion and maritime vegetation fallen onto the beach.

In places the dunes have eroded back to expose rock cliff face.

A lot of terrestrial vegetation on the beach appears to have been washed down from streams.

The sand is medium-grained and very soft with many shell fragments (Photo 10). At the top of the dunes the sand is very fine-grained.

The vegetated dunes are relatively healthy and have a stepped profile, with low dunes to the west, a valley and high dunes to the east. Some erosion is impacting on the Coast Path.

At the southern end, toward Rock, there is a stone sea wall.

Walkover report and photos of 6 March 2022

DW34_Rock Dunes_2022-03-06.pdf

Extremely high rates of erosion (90m in 15 years).
Potential Actions
Develop better understanding of dune behaviour as part of wider Camel Estuary system.
Community Groups
None yet identified
Key Stakeholders

None yet identified
CCMA potential
Shoreline Management Plan
SMP Management Area: MA35
SMP Policy Unit: PU35.10
SMP Policies:
  • Present - No Active Intervention
  • Transition - No Active Intervention
  • Target - No Active Intervention
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